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Accessibility Feedback Form

Thank you for visiting Waterloo North Hydro. How we interact with our customers and members of the public is important to us, and we work hard to meet everyone’s needs. Your feedback is vital to help us continue to improve the high quality of service we are committed to providing customers and members of the public with disabilities. Individuals who wish to provide feedback on the way Waterloo North Hydro provides goods and services to people with disabilities can complete this Accessibility Feedback Form, by clicking submit at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, you can complete the PDF version of our form located here. This form can then be emailed to us at customersupport@wnhydro.com, or mailed to: Waterloo North Hydro, 526 Country Squire Rd., Waterloo ON. N2J 4G8.

Accessibility Feedback Form

Waterloo North Hydro's Accessibility Feedback Form
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